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Sheng Long Industry Again Set up a New Level for Punches

2019-05-29  |  Author : 編輯 張乃文  |  Class : FW

 The newly released “6-Lobes Punch” of Sheng Long was processed with “milling & engraving technology” instead of the conventional grinding-wheel processing to achieve perfect dimensions and profiles. A testament from Mr. Huang who once used Sheng Long’s 6-lobes punches reads, “One punch could process the entire coil of wire and this saved me much time and cost for parts and punches replacement, not to mention that my production was greatly increased as well.” Mr. Hogar Huang of Sheng Long noted, “I was really happy to see that our products did benefit our clients a lot, which not only enhanced their manufacturing efficiency, but also increased their capacity. That is what we have been always seeking for since our inception.”   


Strict Requirement for Superficial Roughness & Upgraded Service Life


Ceaselessly Devoted itself to improving the durability of punches, Sheng Long offers high speed steel punches more durable than other counterparts and insists that the superficial roughness should always be below RA 0.1 for achieving better service life. Mr. Huang added, “The higher superficial roughness the shorter service life of punches and vice versa.” However, the hardness of either special steel or tungsten steel is very high, so perfecting the superficial roughness of punches in such materials requires excellent technique. Sheng Long has successfully overcome the situation and kept the superficial roughness below RA 0.1.


With an aim at achieving the superfine & smooth superficial roughness, Sheng Long has purchased or developed up to 7 types of surface treatment machines to ensure the compliance of each punch with the highest standards. Every product of Sheng Long has to go through at most 25 processing steps, thus resulting in well-managed quality control. As far as Sheng Long is concerned, the more stringent the pre-manufacturing quality control is, the lower superficial roughness could be reached. In addition to obtaining the certification of ISO 9001:2015 and the introduction of basic testing instruments, Sheng Long has also introduced parallel optical testing instrument, making its testing quality on a par with international standards.


Continuously Making Breakthroughs in Development of Highly Precision Engineered Non-standard Punches

Controlling either standard parts or non-standard punches within specific dimensions and superficial roughness at the same time isn’t easy, but as Mr. Hogar Huang said, “He who does not advance loses ground, which means, if one would like to survive the market, he must be open-minded and try any possible way to make breakthroughs.” Due to the adherence to this idea, the technique of Sheng Long for punches is getting better day after day.


Mr. Huang has also got a quite challenging order for non-standard punches from a customer, who could not find a capable manufacturer until he turned to Sheng Long. The requested product must be processed with 5-spindle technology and mirror polishing. After times of discussions, the product meeting the customer’s demand was finally made. Speaking of the product, Mr. Huang added, “Connecting two different radii is very difficult and cannot be completed by utilizing general technology.” At FF Stuttgart this March, Sheng Long demonstrated the 6-lobes punch and this product, which were both highly appreciated during the fair.


“Quality First” on Minds of the Entire Team & Moving Forward to AI Manufacturing

The entire team of Sheng Long is very sensitive and committed to their products, as a result, Sheng Long can realize its goal of zero-defect products. In its plant, on the other hand, Sheng Long also introduced the water sprinkling and temperature lowering system and created a tidy workplace with good ventilation for providing employees with a more comfortable environment. It is also planning to advance to Industry 4.0 and digitalize manufacturing technology to solve the talent gap in traditional industries.



Contact : Mr. Hogar Huang

EMAIL[email protected]



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