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The First Cross-border E-commerce Platform- INDUSTBOX Leads the New Trend of Global Fastener Trade

2019-10-22  |  Class : 螺絲世界中國國際版

     INDUSTBOX (JIAXING) CO., LTD., the first cross-border e-commerce platform within fastener industry, is also a top designer and service provider for fastener supply chain management. Providing one-stop fastening solutions, INDUSTBOX is established to optimize the global fastener supply chain system both standing at the industry upstream and downstream, therefore creating a new industrial ecosystem.

     In recent years, the Internet has been applied in every walk of life in China. However, this makeover doesn’t happen in China’s fastener industry. For one thing, distinctive defects of resource allocation and capital operation between upstream and downstream of the industry as well as inquiry and quotation system need to be solved. For another, two major difficulties demand prompt solutions: first, most buyers have no overseas office, which impedes their way to sourcing high-quality and reasonably priced products; second, there are still many superior suppliers and products unknown to global customers. Intending to make some changes, Mr. Young Junfeng, the initiator of ChinaFastener.com and the Fastener Expo Shanghai (FES) held every June, established INDUSTBOX.

     Jointly sponsored by a dozen companies in fastener industry, INDUSTBOX creates values for customers through consistent perfection of its systems and services:

     FastenCloud: A complete global fastener standard database covering more than 14,000 fastener standards in over 30 countries and organizations, which allows global buyers to more easily identify product descriptions and quality requirements, therefore reducing errors. With 250 updates each day, the system is continuously improved to satisfy the needs of all mechanical designers, engineers and buyers.

     StockFast: An online inventory ordering system with over 20,000 tons of spot stocks enabling buyers to obtain any specification or quantity of fasteners they want, which effectively solves the problem of endless long delivery time and MOQ for some small orders. With regard to the settlement of prominent surplus productivity in China, StockFast is also a propellant. Relying on platform information and the excellent supply chain management services of INDUSTBOX, excessive capacity can be resolved to some degree.

     PartsFinder: A comprehensive inquiry and quotation system for buyers to make quick inquiry about standard products or upload drawings of non-standard products. Through this system, buyers no longer need to click several times to screen one single specification. Just upload the purchasing list, and INDUSTBOX will provide the quoted prices within 1 to 24 hours according to the length of the list. Meanwhile, customized solutions including payment, transportation, etc. will be offered. The system can also send smart recommendations according to the records of buyers’ purchase preference. Moreover, the system is dynamic and open as it keeps optimizing through the feedback given by users.

     From ChinaFastener.com to INDUSTBOX, Mr. Young has always stayed true to his original self. “China’s conventional manufacturing industry needs innovations. We need to believe that what we do now might be a tiny step, but one day it will cover a large distance.” With mighty beliefs, INDUSTBOX is always here, providing the best global fastener supply chain management services.

INDUSTBOX contact: CEO Mr. Young Junfeng

EMAIL: [email protected]

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